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Mobile games have more potential and huge market in both revenue and user base it accounts for more than 50% of the global gaming industry revenue with 25% year on year growth rate. Juego Studios is one of the top mobile game companies in the USA and India, offering mobile game development services to clients. We have expertise in developing games across all genre from engaging casual, social, action, arcade, trivia, strategy, puzzle, educational, MMO, RTS, RPG, MMORPG, table, board and to games for iOS and Android for both phone and tablet.


Mobile Game Development Services We Offer

We have team of passionate designers and developer specialized in developing games for iOS and Android mobile platforms using popular game engines. We have extensive experience in using tools and technologies to build games that support cross-platform.

Art, Design & Animation

We have pool of creative and talented art and design team, who create appealing Graphics, UI, game-assets for 2D, Isometric and 3D mobile games


As a top mobile game development company, we follow best practices for UI design. Quite like our game developers our UI/UX developers profusely interact with various interfaces to better develop apt UI/UX design.

Coding & Development

We select the right set of tools and technologies based on the games technical requirement.


Our testing team’s enhanced gaming experience will help to provide Quality Assurance and compliance testing for iOS and Android games.

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